New article published: ” An untargeted metabolomic analysis of Lacticaseibacillus (L.) rhamnosus, Lactobacillus (L.) acidophilus, Lactiplantibacillus (L.) plantarum and Limosilactobacillus (L.) reuteri reveals an upregulated production of inosine from L. rhamnosus”

New publication on Microorganisms by Luca Spaggiari, Natalia Pedretti, Francesco Ricchi, Diego Pinetti, Giuseppina Campisciano, Francesco De Seta, Manola Comar, Samyr Kenno, Andrea Ardizzoni and Eva Pericolini. ABSTRACT Lactic acid bacteria are considered an inexhaustible source of bioactive compounds; indeed,

New article published: “Characterization of virulence factors and antimicrobial resistance in Staphylococcus spp. isolated from clinical samples” by Natalia Pedretti et al.

New publication on Folia Microbiologica by Natalia Pedretti, Ramona Iseppi, Carla Condò, Shakira Ghazanfar, Patrizia Messi, Alessandro Di Cerbo and Carla Sabia. ABSTRACT The virulence factors, antibiotic resistance patterns, and the associated genetic elements have been investigated in Staphylococcus species. A total

New publication on Science Translational Medicine

New publication on Science Translational Medicine

Congratulations to Prof. Eva Pericolini and Dr. Arianna Sala for their new publication in the prestigious journal Science Translational Medicine. The article titled “Zinc prevents vaginal candidiasis by inhibiting expression of an inflammatory fungal protein” is the result of a

Save the Date: ADRIAN event – 5th December 2023

We invite you to participate in the ADRIAN event on 5th December 2023. The seminar “Le malattie sessualmente trasmesse: modelli di studio, diagnosi e rischio oncologico” (“Sexually transmitted diseases: study models, diagnosis and oncological risk”) will take place at “Complesso